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For his scholarship in the area of shared water resources, ASU hydrologist Enrique Vivoni has been awarded a prestigious Leopold Leadership Fellowship.
A new Consortium to Promote Reflection in Engineering Education will develop and promote teaching practices that help undergraduate engineering students reflect on their experiences.
Arizona State University researchers with inventions licensed to existing companies or to form new startups will be entitled to a larger share of the proceeds under a new university policy developed by the Intellectual Property and Institutional Review Committee and approved by President Michael Crow.
Inspired by his advice from his commanding officer, Marine Corps veteran Jonathan Cudo decided to go back to school and is now enrolled at ASU's Polytechnic School, with an interest in aeronautical engineering.

Upcoming Events

Arizona State University's largest open house is back with more events and activities on all four campuses!
A signature event of the AZSciTech Festival, Night of the Open Door, kicks off the first of four events on Superbowl eve (Jan. 31), downtown Phoenix. With more than 100+ hands-on activities, performances, tours, games and museums in a carnival-like, family-friendly atmosphere, this festival of the arts, science, engineering, space, technology, math, humanities, international culture, health and journalism offers something for everyone. In addition, tour behind the scenes, meet world-class professors and connect with 1,000 + students and clubs. Open Door includes ASU Downtown, ASU Polytechnic, ASU Tempe and ASU West - each event with its own distinctive flavor. Check out our website for all the details and explore more in 2015! 

Learn ways to target your resume and then find out how you can utilize ASU's Sun Devil CareerLink and LinkedIn to apply for fantastic jobs and internships.

Verbal Accelerator (VA) is a FREE course for those wanting extra verbal help before taking the GRE, GMAT, and MCAT. Think of it as a verbal primer. VA breaks down the process of critical reading into a series of discrete steps and guides students through increasingly difficult reading tasks. Learn the basics of active reading,  passage organization, the topic of argument analysis, claims, evidence, assumptions, tone, purpose & point of view. Review complex arguments and the author's focus & attitude & rebuttal…..and much more.
To register: Email the event name and date, along with your name, address and phone number, to (put "ASU EGSS Registration" in the subject line), or you may register by phone at 1-800-273-8439 ext. 1080.

Thinking of applying to graduate school? Part of the graduate school application process involves writing a personal statement that describes your interest in the school to which you apply as well as why you want to pursue a graduate degree. Learn how to tailor your personal statements for any school to which you apply.

This is more than just a seminar – it’s a workshop! This is an opportunity to continue the conversation begun in the writing a personal statement for graduate school admission seminar and to further personalize students' writing experiences would provide students with an opportunity to bring a draft of their personal statements in order to receive feedback on their drafts-in-progress.  This feedback would help students make decisions about what information to add or revise, how to organize their content, and how to edit or proofread.  In order to provide students with feedback, Writing Center coordinator(s) will be present to work with students individually and/or to facilitate small group review of peers' drafts.  The purpose of this second event is to help students continue refining their personal statements and to provide them with opportunities to receive feedback for completing a draft of their statements.

This session is devoted to the basic math that is tested on the GRE and GMAT. The point of the session is not to discuss test strategy, but to cover the math concepts that most students have forgotten or not practiced in many years. Topics include integers, even and odd numbers, properties of zero, positive and negative numbers, absolute value, factors, multiples, prime numbers, the order of operations, fractions, decimals, percentages, algebraic equations and more. 
To register: Email the event name and date, along with your name, address and phone number, to (put "ASU EGSS Registration" in the subject line), or you may register by phone at 1-800-273-8439 ext. 1080.