Our iProjects program brings students and industry together to find innovative solutions to real-world problems.

iProject benefits

  • ✓ Develop project, teamwork and communication skills.
  • ✓ Apply knowledge.
  • ✓ Receive workplace experience in a university environment.
  • ✓ Access to student creativity and faculty expertise.
  • ✓ Opportunity to assess potential intern and workforce candidates.
  • ✓ Retain all IP.
  • ✓ Attract and retain high-potential students.
  • ✓ Enrich curriculum with real-world challenges.
  • ✓ Deepen industry partnerships.

Through the iProjects program, industry partners have the opportunity to engage withus in a mutually beneficial relationship; challenges defined by industry partners are solved through the diligence of student teams working under the expertise of faculty members.

Faculty are an integral part of the iProject program, assigning students to teams and mentoring them throughout the project development process. Project results are presented at our Innovation Showcase, held at the end of each semester, where student teams display project outcomes for industry partners and the public.