2012-2013 iProjects and Sponsors

Project A: Creating Healthy Pool Water
Project B: 2013 University Design Challenge
Project C: ON Semiconductor
Project D: Increasing Usability of Industrial Technology
Project E: Microalgae for Wastewater Stream Remediation
Project F: Thermal Solar Augmentation
Projects G and GG: SAHARA Base Architectural Emulation
Project H: CK-12
Project I: Energy of Life
Project J: SRP Microgrid Project
Project K: WebFiling
Project N: iFactor Consulting
Project O: Shopping Scout
Project P: Mesa Arts Center
Project Q: Service Module Mockup
Project R: FAA Electric/Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Technology Design Competition
Project S: Augmented Reality Usage for CAD Design and Design Reviews
Project T: Fingerprint Detection and Characterization
Project U: Contact Angle Measurement Systems
Project V: Characterization of a MEMS Accelerometer - Year 3
Project W: ICE/Avatar
Project X: Optimal Power Solutions for Harsh Environments
Project Y: Leveraging Human Factors to improve CBP Operator Efficiency
Project Z: SAE Test Track
Project CC: iProjects Recruiting
Project DD: Hair Recycling
Project EE: Salon Dryers
Project FF: iProjects Team Selection