Course Override Request

Course Override Request

Students may request a section full, pre-requisite, and/or time conflict overrides when they are having difficulty enrolling in a course offered by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at the Polytechnic campus. Students are encouraged to make use of available courses and to check the online schedule of classes periodically as course availability can change from day to day. Students may also want to schedule an appointment with their advisor to verify that other course offerings are not options for degree requirements.

Approvals for override requests are not automatic. Preference is given to students who provide thorough, credible documentation that supports their request. The documentation provided must be relevant to the request and must adequately address why the student needs an override. Each request will be reviewed by a member of the advising team and depending on the request, may be forwarded to members of the faculty and/or department chair for consideration. Requests that are denied may be appealed by submitting a second request with documentation that was not considered with the first request. Students should be aware that instructor:student ratios and classroom fire code capacities are important factors in section full override requests.

Requests should be made using the form below. A separate form submission is necessary for each request. Students are notified via email of the decision and section full overrides have expiration dates. Questions about the process can be directed to Advising & Student Services in the Technology Center,, or (480) 727-1874.

THIS REQUEST FORM IS FOR IRA A. FULTON SCHOOLS OF ENGINEERING - POLYTECHNIC CAMPUS COURSES ONLY. If you are unsure of which college is offering a section of a course, click on the line number. The college offering the course will be noted under the field "offered by."

All communication will be sent to your ASU email account.
Course Prefix & Number. Ex. "ENG101", "MAT 270", "PHI101", etc.
Schedule Line Number, Ex. 24358
  • Section full override requests must provide details outlining why you need this course for this semester. Please address why you cannot wait to a future semester to enroll in the course.
  • Pre-requisite override requests must provide details outlining how you have met the pre-requisites or why you are requesting an exception to the requirements.
  • Time conflict override requests must address why both courses are needed during a particular semester, a plan for completing both courses, and support from the faculty teaching both courses (must be attached).
Attach any related documents that support your case.